Optimised fleet management

With the new download terminal DLT II, unassisted downloading of driver card and mass memory data is easier than ever. This simplifies large fleet management, allowing card data or mass memory files to be viewed during transfer from the Downloadkey onto the download terminalDLTII.

The symbols on the download terminal’s 3.5” TFT-colour display support the driver or fleet management supervisor in the downloading process. With a few touches on the download terminal keypad, information about the driver card or mass memory download can be accessed for fleet management planning. The download terminal DLT II also offers a reminder function when downloads are due.

Download terminal DLT II and fleet management

The flexible data handling and robust design of the download terminal DLT II make it highly suitable for fleet management operation. The functioning of the download terminal DLT II is guaranteed – without personnel having to work around the clock.


Key features of the download terminal DLT II for fleet management:

  •  Robust solution forfleet management, supporting driver card and Downloadkey download at any time
  • Connection of the download terminal to a PC via LAN or USB
  • Operation of the download terminalin “Stand Alone”-mode without PC possible (via USB-stick)
  • Easy data import to TIS-Web® for optimised fleet management
  • Reminder function to show due downloads
  • The download terminalmeets the legal requirements for fleet management (download, archiving and visualisation of mass memory and driver card data)
  • Graphic 3.5" TFT-colour display
  • Easy fleet management thanks to automatic basic evaluation of download data (driver and vehicle information)
  • The download terminaldisplays driver information, driving and rest times according VO (EC) No. 561/2006, essential for modern fleet management
  • Wall and table mounting of download terminal possible
  • Software update via internet
  • 256 MB internal memory, expandable up to 4 GB with USB-Stick (option)

Benefits of the download terminal DLT II for fleet management:

  • Meets download requirements for fleets and workshops
  • Graphical User Interface to show driver (or fleet management supervisor) vehicle information in the download terminalDLT II
  • Stand-alone solution guaranteeing flexible use anywhere, anytime
  • Easy data transfer to a PC via USB or LAN
  • Easy data import into TIS software for optimised fleet management
  • Compatible with the Downloadkey
  • Download data outside office hours
  • Ideal for large fleet management
  • Easy to download data in fleet managementoffice


Datasheet download terminal DLTII (.pdf)


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