The VDO Mobile Card Reader is - in conjunction with the Downloadkey II and the TIS-Compact III Key - the ideal device for drivers on the road to download digital driver card data. And the Mobile Card Reader does not require user authentication via a company card.

The Mobile Card Reader lets fleet managers access driver card data at any time and download information in accordance with legal requirements, without issuing company cards to the drivers. The Mobile Card Reader is also compatible with the Downloadkey II and TIS-Compact II Key solutions.

The Mobile Card Reader excels above all due to its secure, user-friendly operation. The data transfer from the Mobile Card Reader starts automatically once the driver card and one of the keys areinserted into the device.

The Mobile Card Reader is operated via a serial 6-pin interface with the Downloadkey II or the TIS-Compact III Key. The Mobile Card Reader is thereby ready to use at anytime, because, besides obtaining power through a power cord,the device can also be operated using four batteries (supplied).


Key features of the Mobile Card Reader:

  • Direct driver card download without company card
  • Mobile use possible via usage of batteries
  • LEDs for displaying memory capacity, download status and battery charge


Benefits of the Mobile Card Reader:

  • Simple handling, user-friendly and practical
  • Designed for mobile use
  • For direct driver card downloads without company cards
  • Can be used in conjunction with Downloadkey II and TIS-Compact IIIKey
  • Driver card download outside of the tachograph
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